Web Producer    [details]
Job ID #87 • Posted Jun 28, 2021 • Contract length: 6+ months
Job Detail: Web Producer
Job ID #87 • Posted Jun 28, 2021 • Contract length: 6+ months
Looking for a technical savvy Web Producer to work on an internal web portal. Producer will be responsible for digging in and understanding the CMS to add or update content pages. Strong attention to detail and quality are required while working efficiently in a fast-paced environment. High-volume production experience is also a must. Ideal candidate should have XML experience or is an expert working with XHTML and HTML.

Capabilities include the following:
  • Experience with Content Management Systems (CMS) that store XML content

  • Familiar with stylesheets (CSS) and how style is applied to XML to render HTML which will be published live

  • Knowledge of Content Management Systems and how pages accrue to a folder structure and ultimately to the information architecture i.e. the navigation of the site

  • Familiar with page constructs where a page consists of individual XML components such as: bulleted list component, image component, FAQ component that are assembled to create a finished page
  • 3-5 years experience producing web content in a continuous publishing environment

  • Strong emphasis on quality

  • Solid understanding of content management systems, Microsoft Word, XML, and/or HTML

  • XHTML editorial experience a plus